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Font Display

Name: Origami (Pair Project with Heidi, Hoiyi Chan)

Type: Typographic Design


Our font, named Origami, is a font which aims to display the abstract shapes of Japanese origami through a combination of opaque triangles and hollow triangles of a 1pt stroke. Origami offers endless possibilities as one piece of origami paper can transform into countless shapes and figures. This is the same as texts and languages which, through different combinations of letters and symbols, different messages and meanings can be conveyed to people.

The design of each letterform starts with an opaque triangle as the first stroke or stem, then the consequent strokes alternate between opaque triangles and hollow triangles. The combination of both types of triangles creates a realistic imitation of the two sides of origami paper as they exemplify a 3D effect through the folding of paper.

Certain characters also have a figurative image, such as the capital M, which looks
like a person wearing a suit, or the captial Y which looks like the collar of a Japanese-style uniform. The first stroke of number 1 also resembles the beak of a bird, while the serif of capital J resembles a paper plane.

Poster 5

Poster Design


Design Process Video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1_Gl7YBD5kVWUdkM0hVcUN0bFU/view?usp=sharing

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