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An Interactive Table Mat with NFC

A futuristic approach to enhance dining and retail experience at Wintergarden's food court and to promote cashless payments through emerging technologies.


Just One Tap at your seat

Tap your mobile device on the paper interface of Tappy and connect to the menu instantly through NFC function.

Interactive Mat


Beautiful Menu and Ordering System

Explore every food choice available at the food court at your own pace. Take your time and order at your seat without queueing.

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Augmented Reality Menu

When your mobile device is rotated horizontally, the menu automatically enters Augmented Reality mode for an enhanced visualisation of your food choices. This function minimises disappointed orders and increases customer satisfaction.

Contactless Payment

Payments can be made through built-in contactless payment systems from customers' mobile devices.

Tappy supports the following payment systems:

Android Pay Apple Pay Samsung Pay

Electronic Receipt

An electronic receipt will be generated, which customers will use for food collection. When the food is ready, customers will be notified through their mobile devices.

Track your orders

Customers can track the food preparation process while they explore the shopping complex through interacting with Tappy.

menu menu order order checkout receipt tracker


Explore Wintergarden while you wait

Tap on various elements on the paper interface of Tappy.

Augmented reality map is available to allow a better visualisation of Wintergarden.

Unlock coupons from in-store mini games and redeem them.

Obtain information about the latests sales at Wintergarden.

iphone storedirectory coupons sales

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