Prototype: Hwihwi – Sound-based interactive media

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Name: Hwi Hwi (Group Project)

Prototype URL (App):

Prototype URL (Device):

My contribution: Prototype, UI/UX, Graphic Design

Context: To design interactive media that engages people aged between 18 and 35 through sound-based experiences in the areas of playfulness.

– Interactive, music making, cube-sized device with touch screen and LED lighting.
– Paired together with an app to support the control and usage of
the devices
– Each device represents a sound, a type of instrument, or a music loop.
– When connected together, they form a full music sequence.
– In the future, these cube-sized devices can be extended into fashionable, smart, wearable devices

Design Inspiration: 

– To transform music production processes and re-imagine them into a physical context.
– To use physical devices to represent sounds and instruments in music arrangements.
– To create an interactive media that encourages collaborative music making of university students during their free time on campus.

Aims & Objectives:
– To design an interactive media that engages students in a playful way
– To connect students through a short lunch time activity
– To provide an easy-to-use, yet futuristic interactive media which allows students to record and produce sound samples during their own time
– To provide a space which allows students (friends or strangers) to gather and make music together
– To provide background music at cafeterias through the creation of students’ sound samples

Target Audience:
– University Students
– Aged 18-25
– Youthful, lively, outgoing OR
shy, wants to make friends
through music
– Music lovers

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