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Tappy Mockup Design

Name: Tappy

Type: UI Solution

Demonstration Website: https://minyi.design/tappy

Concept: Designed for the food court of a Brisbane shopping mall Wintergarden, Tappy is an Interactive table mat which uses the technologies of NFC and Augmented Reality to enhance food ordering and shopping experiences. These table mats have a paper user interface with NFC tags pasted behind which connect customers to the food ordering system and menu automatically when tapped. They also provide entertainment and store information to customers while customers they are waiting for their food to be prepared.

Design of Tappy Interactive Mat

Context of Usage

When customers enter the food court, they can proceed to their chosen seats straight away without queuing for food. By placing their NFC-enabled mobile devices on the tables equipped with interactive table mats, customers who wish to dine-in will be connected to the food ordering system and menu instantly through the NFC tags pasted behind the paper interface.

Customers can take their time to look at the menu of each food vendor with clear visuals and descriptions and make orders easily. The estimated waiting time and sold out items will also be indicated on the menus. Customers can also order from different food vendors at the same time. Payments can be made through built-in contactless payment from their mobile devices. An electronic receipt is then generated, which customers will use for food collection.

The food preparation process can tracked while customers interact with the interactive mat. When the food is ready, customers will be notified through their mobile devices and they will proceed to the food counters with their electronic receipt to collect their food.

The interactive table mats are also designed to resemble a real table mat, which allow customers to take pretty flatlay photographs of their food and share on social media, enhancing the entire customer experience. The above user experience also applies to customers who wish to take away their food. Instead of sitting down, they can finish the ordering process while standing at counters which has interactive table mats placed on them and leave whenever their food is ready.

By rotating their phone into horizontal orientation, the menu automatically enters an augmented reality mode which allows for a more realistic and visual experience during food ordering.

AR Mode of Tappy

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