Editorial Design – Ani Vision

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Name: Anivision (in collaboration with Sokin Wan, Rayelene Ma, Hoiyi Chan)
Type: Editorial, Typographic design, Digital illustrations

Concept:  Our magazine, named AniVision, focuses on the Japanese anime production industry and anime production processes. Our target audience includes 15 to 30 years old English-speaking anime lovers from around the world. Within the target audience group, we hope to specifically aim at aspiring young professionals who are passionate about anime and wish to work in the anime industry in the future.

Aims & Objectives: The magazine aims to provide insights on the production processes of the Japanese animation industry by featuring interviews of animation studios, designers and manga illustrators.

We also hope to provide recommendations and tutorials for beginners who wish to try their hands on anime or Japanese style illustrations. The magazine also seeks to provide advice from professionals and practitioners of the anime industry.

Through featuring fan arts of a specific theme in each issue, we hope to inspire aspiring young animators and illustrators through the stunning visuals created by professionals.

Lastly, we hope to present the livelihood and vibrancy of the Japanese anime culture.

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