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Tools:, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop 

Type: UI/UX, Prototyping, App Design

About: Interlude Diary is an interactive mobile app which expands on the format of a virtual diary to present and educate the target audience group about depression. It incorporates educational information within app functionality to serve as a more useful and educational tool for university students.

Context: This is a project developed around the text-based ‘Fact Sheet’ on the topic of
‘Depression’ which has already been developed by staff in QUT Counselling
Services. It seeks to raise awareness of mental health issues as well as options for seeking help through a more visual and interactive representation by enhancing the emotive and thought provoking aspects.

Target Audience: This project primarily targets female university students of QUT, aged 18-25 who are very likely to be affected by mental health issues and are mostly reluctant to seek help.


Mood Tracker
The Mood Tracker prompts the user to log in their daily emotions, and encourages users to elaborate more on the symptoms if they indicate that they are depressed or stressed. The mood tracker function responds to the symptoms of depression as suggested on the fact sheet.

Rant Box, Help
The Rant Box function allows users to manage negative thoughts in a more helpful way by pening them down. It also provides options to seek help from professionals such as a psychologist or QUT counselling services, or call friends, family or relatives immediately, in addition to the Help section which provides helplines and more information on depression.

Grid Diary
The question prompts in the Grid Diary section are built upon the tips provided on the fact sheet, which breaks down the thought process for self-reflection and encourages a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Colour Therapy
The colour therapy, with therapeutic background music, uses colours to reflect the inner moment of self at the time of creation, thus providing an additional outlet for users to express personal feelings and emotions.

Word Search
The Word searches are not only fun and time-killing, but the questions are generated to introduce users to depression, its causes and symptoms.

University students active on mobile devices will find this diary useful, educational and therapeutic with its minimalist design, simple interfaces and intuitive functions.

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